We Are Green

We employ green practices at every level of our business.

Green Eyed Motors is a diverse group of individuals who understand that environmental stewardship is everyone's responsibility. It is for that reason that we specialize in fuel efficient vehicles, with an emphasis on hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles.

We are PACE Certified and in 2018 we diverted over 91% of our waste from the landfill by composting and recycling.

In the Service Department We are grateful for the opportunity to maintain your vehicle. That is why we employ master technicians who pay close attention to the health of your vehicle.

Our service team is committed to being green, so we offer Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic® motor oil. One of our favorite things about Edge Bio-Synthetic® is that it is 25% plant oil derived from renewable sources. Green is good-- but we also picked Edge Bio-Synthetic® motor oil, because It reduces metal-to-metal contact across a range of different driving speeds. This oil also decreases the chance for dirt and grime to build up so your engine burns cleaner.

Cleaner motor oil means better performing engines and cleaner exhaust.

On the showroom floor
we have installed LED lighting to reduce our energy consumption and have eliminated as much paper waste as possible.

In our business office we are committed to conducting our daily operations with the smallest environmental footprint possible. Our supplies are purchased from fair trade and socially responsible vendors. We only use natural, sustainable, or recycled products.

Our business partners help us to foster a greener today and tomorrow.
  • Clipper Creek - If you are looking for an EV charging solution for your home these guys are reliable and cost effective.
  • The Works - Possibly the most sustainable vehicle detailing shop in town. The Works focuses on using steam and manual cleaning to limit the use of harmful chemicals. Did we mention they do all of our detailing?
  • ChargePoint+ - Operating the world's largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, ChargePoint's mission is to get everyone behind the wheel of an electric vehicle as well as provide them with a place to charge wherever they may be. As their network of charging stations grow it will be even easier for consumers to adopt an electric vehicle. With the help of the "Charge Ahead Colorado" grant we have installed two chargers on our building for the public to use freely.
We are green, and we are always looking for new ways to become even more green.