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"An astoundingly easy and trust-inspiring process. In May 2021, we bought a post-lease 2017 Kia Soul EV from Green Eyed Motors. We bought our car from 250 miles away using provided pictures and Carfax. They arranged for transport with a courteous driver at a reasonable price. They didn't little-old-lady me: they were forthright and answered all my questions respectfully. We couldn't be happier with our purchase"


"Super caring people here! I called about a vehicle and within a few minutes I arrived they were already backing out my vehicle and trying to actually go get it filled up so we didn't have to worry about running out of gas. Artur was very kind and not pressuring at all, he said he had to check on something quick but handed me the keys to check the car out...came back a few minutes later and said we could go for a spin. The car was clean and running strong, it felt like a brand new vehicle. After that Artur fought to get me the amount I wanted for my trade in. After the fact he offered to try and take off my old plates despite them having security screws on it, he took his time and returned all of the screws undamaged with my plates and sent us on our way. If they have a car you want to check out here stop in, they won't pressure you and will try to make the deal as good as they can. Our finance guy was super awesome too I just did not get to get to catch his name. Thank you all!"

1 M Driver

"Green Eyed had a very rare car I had been hunting for half a year. When I called there was no pressure, just great info on the car and they were very easy to talk to. When I went to the dealership (hard to call it that really as it's more like a car hangout with a garage and coffee shop) with my young family we were made very comfortable. They even grilled us lunch! Needless to say I bought the car but the buying process (re: paperwork) was fast and smooth."


"I have always hated going to a dealer to look for an auto, but this was even fun. No pressure at all! I highly recommend Green Eyed Motors."


"Luke and Patrick are extremely knowledgeable in the automotive industry. They made my buying experience easy, smooth and hassle free. I would highly recommend buying through Green Eyed Motors and I will never go to anywhere else to buy a vehicle!"


"would like to take a second and promote Green Eyed Motors. They sold me my Mini Cooper and were AMAZING throughout the entire process! I did my test drive with the owner, Luke Walch, and he was happy to answer any question I had and was super understanding when it came to my situation and the ordeal I went through with my previous Mini. When I decided to make the purchase, Patrick and Luke made everything very easy; again, answering any questions I had and they gave us a great deal! Today, I even received a Thank You note in the mail, wishing me well with the Mini! This was my first time buying from a dealership and I have been so impressed with how genuine they are from beginning to end! I never felt any pressure and they made me feel very secure about my purchase! If you're looking for a car, I 100% recommend them! Too often I think people "review" businesses when they have something to complain about but I truly believe that these guys deserve my business. Thanks Green Eyed Motors!"

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