rebate programs

get rewarded for driving electric, Xcel Energy is offering their customers some great rebate programs for owning and purchasing an EV!

EV Purchase Rebate

EV Purchase Rebate is a program to help Income Qualified customers find it affordable to drive electric. Income Qualified customers can apply for a rebate of $3,000 on a pre-owned EV purchase. Plug-in EVs with an MSRP or sale price below $50K are eligible and the rebate can be used in combination with federal tax credits. Right now, Income Qualified customers can apply for a rebate after buying an EV.

Optimize Your Charge

Xcel Energy will reward $50 every October to EV drivers for charging during off-peak periods. There are three charging windows that you can pick from, however only 25% of your total charging needs to be within those windows to receive the rebate.

EV Accelerate At Home

EV Accelerate At Home is a program that sets EV drivers up with a Level 2 charger installed at their home. Customers pay $13.29 a month on their bill, this hassle-free program includes maintenance for as long as they are in the program.

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