About Us

We have always understood that our people are our soul. We are a diverse group of individuals who share a common vision. Our team does it all. Sales, service and maintenance.

At Green Eyed Motors we take care of our employees so they can take care of you.

Luke Walch

Owner & Founder
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Luke is Family Guy and a Jiu Jitsu enthusiast who used to do marketing and product training for Toyota and Tesla. He learned a lot from stumbling into the automotive industry and brought a lot of what makes Tesla great--quality, class, environmental awareness, and great customer service--to Green Eyed Motors. During the few hours when he isn't working, Luke likes spending time with his wife and two sons, mountain biking with his buddies, and failing to proofread things his employees post on the website.

Alyssa Schmit

Office Manager / Bookkeeper
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Alyssa is our Office Manager. What we mean by that is that she acts as titles manager, bookkeeper, and voice of reason. With New Mexican in her roots, she smothers all of her food in green chile and the cholla cactus is her favorite plant. If anyone could turn that into a tattoo, she is now taking artwork submissions. She exercises her cowboy alter-go as "Deputease" while playing roller derby for Boulder County's league. When not working hard at Green Eyed Motors, she can be found hiking, walking her pup, Hilde, taking photos of flowers, or on the side of a country road having a "roadside dance party."

Jessica McDaniel

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Jessica is a loving mother of two kids, ages 14 and 17. She is a veteran automotive professional having spent the last 15 years in the automotive industry, working for BMW, Audi, and Ford. Her customers love working with her because of her deep knowledge of both on and off-road vehicles, but she is most passionate about electric and hybrid vehicles. An avid outdoor enthusiast, when not on the sales floor, Jessica can be found in the mountains or at one of the many lakes on the Front Range. Most people try to keep up with their kids, but when it comes to the outdoors her kids try to keep up with her! Call or email Jessica today to take advantage of her vast automotive knowledge!

Hilde and Marley

Office Doggies :)

When it comes to friendships, it does not get any better than these two! Marley and Hilde first met when they were each couple of months old and would spend every minute of the day together if they could. They have happily settled on once a week playdates at the office. Hilde is a timid one, but buffered by her best friend, Marley, she can get pretty silly. Marley is a big, love-able, clumsy goofball, who will put his head in your lap as soon as you sit down unless, of course, it is playtime with Hilde. When you come by our office, you are likely to meet one of these two friendly office dogs.