Meet our Team

Here at Green Eyed Motors we've built a really solid team of people to do business on, and we pride ourselves at putting a lot of value into our employees.

Luke Walch

Owner & Founder
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Luke is a Jiu Jitsu enthusiast who used to do marketing and product training for Toyota and Tesla. He learned a lot from stumbling into the automotive industry and brought a lot of what makes Tesla great--quality, class, environmental awareness, and great customer service--to Green Eyed Motors. During the few hours when he isn't working, Luke likes spending time with his wife and two sons, mountain biking with his buddies, and failing to proofread things his employees post on the website.

Alyssa Schmit

Office Manager / Bookkeeper / Title Clerk / HR...
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Alyssa our Office Manager. What we mean by that is that she acts as title clerk, bookkeeper and voice of reason. With New Mexican in her roots, she smothers all of her food in green chile and the cholla cactus is her favorite plant. If anyone could turn that into a tattoo, she is now taking artwork submissions. She exercises her cowboy alter-go as "Deputease" while playing roller derby for Boulder County's league. When not working hard at Green Eyed Motors, she can be found hiking, walking her young-at-heart dog, taking photos of flowers, or on the side of a country road having a "roadside dance party."

Ambez Miran

Finance Director
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Ambez is the Finance Director here at Green Eyed Motors. He is of Kurdish-American descent, who grew up along the East Coast until his teens, when his family relocated to Iraq. Happily married, Ambez is now passing those life experiences on to his two children, who he also likes dressing up and taking to comicon. Ambez excels at looking exceptionally cool, even if he has to stay up late at night to play video games.

Mariah Hittle

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Mariah joined Green Eyed Motors near the end of 2017. Mariah's background as a technical product expert with BMW gives her a keen insight into the current technological advances in the hybrid and electric vehicle market, which she believes is the future of the automotive industry. When she isn't debating the intricacies of BMW hybrid tech vs Toyota hybrid tech with prospective clients, you'll find Mariah camping with her fiance, Travis, and their two dogs, rocking out at a local show that Travis is most likely playing, or clocking hours towards her pilot's license. She says that her favorite part of working with Green Eyed Motors is a toss up between the honesty and integrity with which business is conducted here, and getting to play with all of the newest vehicles and tech. She also says that Colorado winters are way more fun than Michigan winters.

Jason Holzhouser

Service Manager
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Jason has been a car enthusiast his entire life, despite struggling to fit in them for the latter half of it. He has a degree in Media Studies with a minor in Comparative Literature, which is very helpful for managing marketing and inventory listings and somewhat demoralizing when he's relegated to changing lightbulbs and pulling things off high shelves. Jason enjoys jazz and stand-up comedy, as our office Pandora account can attest. He told us for the purposes of this bio that he once won $400 in bar tabs in a costume contest (he was Ace Ventura), so next time we go out drinks are on him (sucker).

Cary Holt


Cary is an absolute automotive enthusiast, with perhaps the most diverse collection of personal vehicles you can imagine. Like other employees here, he loves some good Metal music, which bothers Bill to no end. He would also gladly drop the wrenches to brew his own beer, but for now, he has to settle on applying his extensive automotive knowledge here. If you want to get on his good side, just make fun of anything offered by Ford Motor Company.