Our Story.

At Green Eyed Motors, we believe in providing Total Care to everyone. We provide Total Care by buying the cleanest vehicles with no accidents. We thoroughly inspect, test and recondition each vehicle before we offer them for sale.

Total Care means we will service and maintain your vehicle for you as long as you are driving it.

Green Eyed Motors was founded in 2011. We opened our doors with an understanding that if we take care of our employees, our employees will take care of our customers.

A lot has changed since we opened, but seven years in and our customers are still #1 and always will be. At Green Eyed Motors, we never heckle, push, poke or prod.

We try to keep things simple. That is why boiled the car buying experience down to its essential form and we won’t ever add anything else. We call it Total Care.

Total Care is our credo and it’s the name we gave our customer experience. Our customer experience starts with buying the highest quality automotives. Then we hire incredible people who really know their stuff and we take really good care of them. Finally, we stand behind everything we do at Green Eyed Motors. That’s it, nice and simple!

Like mama says: “If it ain’t broke… don't fix it.”

To deliver on our promise of an enjoyable and exciting experience, we start with the pre-owned inventory we stock. Every single vehicle we carry in inventory passes a rigorous multi-point inspection; however, before we even consider stocking a vehicle it must meet a specific criteria.

Green Eyed Motors inventory acquisition standards:
1. Vehicles must have clean titles and no accidents. If we don’t feel comfortable putting our loved ones behind the wheel of a vehicle, then we don’t feel comfortable about putting your loved ones behind it either.
2.Vehicles must be mechanically and electrically sound. We did not open our doors to pass the buck. Once our vehicles go up for sale, they are ready for you to drive home happy.

Once a new vehicle arrives at the dealership, it must go through a second round of far more rigorous tests and inspections before we ever offer it for sale. Our multi-point inspection breaks down every aspect of the vehicle:

Maintenance: Ex. oil, filters and wiper blades etc.
Tires & Brakes: Ex. tire tread depth, pad & rotor health etc.
Detailing: Ex. cracks & chips in windows; dents, dings and scratches in paint etc.
Road Test: Ex. start-up, idle quality, shift interlock, vehicle stability, steering etc.
Functional: Ex. parking brake, seat belts, child safety locks etc.
Engine Compartment: Ex. break system, cooling system, fuel system, ignition system etc.
Under Vehicle: Ex. suspension, drivetrain, hydraulic lines, etc.
Interior: Ex. seating, trim, controls, audio/video systems etc.
Exterior: Ex. glass, body panels, lights etc.
Hybrid Systems: Ex. battery health, start/stop system etc.

We go out of our way, so that you can drive with confidence. This is just one of the many ways we say thank you for choosing Green Eyed Motors.

We stand behind everything we do at Green Eyed Motors. Our commitment to you doesn’t stop when you buy a vehicle and drive off the lot. You can come to us with questions, for repairs and regularly scheduled maintenance.

Finally, Total Care wouldn’t be complete without a fantastic cup of coffee or tea. So stop in, no matter what you need, we want to help and while you are here, take a quick breather and enjoy the cafe.