Love is green.

When we opened our doors in 2011, we simply wanted to help people buy clean, high-quality, reliable cars. After seven years, not much has changed. Today, more than ever, we feel blessed and completely humbled by the fact that so many people turn to us to help them find their next vehicle.

We have always believed that our people are our soul. Whether you are interested in a vehicle that sips gasoline, runs on electricity or you need to get where you are going fashionably, we are here to assist.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to assist everyone who comes to us for help. A simple "thank you" does not even come close to expressing the gratitude we feel for all the amazing people we serve everyday.

“Green Eyed had a very rare car I had been hunting for half a year. When I called there was no pressure, just great info on the car and they were very easy to talk to. When I went to the dealership (hard to call it that really as it's more like a car hangout with a garage and coffee shop) with my young family we were made very comfortable. They even grilled us lunch! Needless to say I bought the car but the buying process (re: paperwork) was fast and smooth.”

1 M Driver
Highlands Ranch, CO - 2011 BMW 1M Coupe

“I have always hated going to a dealer to look for an auto, but this was even fun. No pressure at all! I highly recommend Green Eyed Motors.”

Boulder, CO

“Luke and Patrick are extremely knowledgeable in the automotive industry. They made my buying experience easy, smooth and hassle free. I would highly recommend buying through Green Eyed Motors and I will never go to anywhere else to buy a vehicle!”

Boulder, CO

“I would like to take a second and promote Green Eyed Motors. They sold me my Mini Cooper and were AMAZING throughout the entire process! I did my test drive with the owner, Luke Walch, and he was happy to answer any question I had and was super understanding when it came to my situation and the ordeal I went through with my previous Mini. When I decided to make the purchase, Patrick and Luke made everything very easy; again, answering any questions I had and they gave us a great deal! Today, I even received a Thank You note in the mail, wishing me well with the Mini! This was my first time buying from a dealership and I have been so impressed with how genuine they are from beginning to end! I never felt any pressure and they made me feel very secure about my purchase! If you're looking for a car, I 100% recommend them! Too often I think people "review" businesses when they have something to complain about but I truly believe that these guys deserve my business. Thanks Green Eyed Motors!”

Denver, CO - Mini Cooper S

“Just picked up an '01 subaru impreza from green eyed motors and couldn't be happier. They fixed all of the things that needed to be fixed on the car (boot seal, lights, oil, alignment, etc.), so it runs and drives perfectly. Luke, the owner, got me a great deal and the whole process was simple and easy.”

Boulder, CO - 2001 Subaru Impreza

“We found a great deal on a 2011 Subaru Outback at Green Eyed Motors. Luke was so laid-back, friendly, and awkward in the cutest way possible. Over the course of a week or two, he met my entire family, let each of us test drive the car, and let us spend a whole day out and about running errands in the Subaru. Absolutely nothing felt forced. He even detailed the car and steam cleaned the seats again before we left the lot! Overall, we had a great experience. Luke and his team are fabulous. We'll definitely go back/send our friends to him!”

Nashville, TN - 2011 Subaru Outback

“I bought a 1999 Subaru Legacy from Luke at Green Eyed Motors, what a refreshing car buying experience! They are not your typical used car dealer. They were super cool, knowledgeable, honest and fun. They gave me a great deal on my trade and the legacy I bought, they showed me all the service records and did not high pressure me into anything. I will go back to them for my next car and I will send all my friends and family to see them.”

Boulder Guy
Boulder, CO - 1999 Subaru Legacy

“I had a great experience with this dealership. They were easy to work with and made my car buying experience very painless. Thanks guys!”

Thornton, CO

“I bought my Honda Civic from Green Eyed Motors last year when they were in their old location and it was the easiest process ever! The year before I went to GEM I bought my first car ever and it was the most daunting process, especially as a young girl who didn't know much about cars. I didnt know what I was doing at the sales person was overly confusing as well, and clearly just wanted the commission on my sale. 3 months later the transmission died and I had to put a new one in! After that the car was nothing but problems and finally my mechanic told me to sell it because he didn't even want to see it in the shop anymore. My mechanics referred me to Luke at Green Eyed Motors and he took care of everything for me, and explained the whole process of getting a loan and traded in my piece of junk for the Civic. Since then its been amazing!! I haven't had any problems at ALL and even better I recently went on a road trip and got 40 mpg! I loved working with Luke and the GEM team that I even sent my mom there when she needed a new car. Seriously cannot say enough about how awesome and caring the team is there, I love the atmosphere and everyone who works there. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a used car.”

Denver, CO - Honda Civic

“Awesome car buying experience! Quality products! You need to check them out for your next purchase. Thanks Luke.”

Lafayette, CO

“Luke and his staff made this the best car buying experience ever. No pressure no hassles, Just straight up honest people. They know cars and have a good selection of nice vehicles. The no haggle is great especially when the cars are priced right. Not a bunch of hidden fees either. A single $199 for all the documents. They have a neat location paired with a green garage, Tire store and a coffee shop up front. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a clean car in Boulder and beyond.”

Andy M
Brighton, CO

“We purchased a 2011 Subaru outback and can not be happier with the whole experience. No pressure no hassle !!! Thanks to you guys and continued success !!!!”

Brighton, CO - Subaru Outback

“Fun place to buy a car! Fun and funny guy not a typical used car buying experience. I will tell everyone to go here!”

Boulder, CO

“This was the lowest-pressure, easiest car-buying experience I've had (out of many). Luke knew the car well and answered all of my questions; and even dashed out to get some all-weather floor mats while I was doing the paperwork. Thanks, Luke.”

Gold Hill, CO

“My wife and I are very happy with the car we bought from Green Eyed Motors (Civic Hybrid), and were pleasantly surprised with the experience we had there. Very low pressure; was able to answer all our questions without trying to change the subject or redirect us; and the in-house financing made everything easy and painless. I also like their close relationship with Green Garage next door; we felt good knowing that the car had been serviced there before we bought it and that when we bring it back”

Hybrid Moments
Arvada, CO - Honda Civic Hybrid

“Mariah did a great job working with us...thank you for our beautiful near new Venza, our car ELVIS !”

Westminster, CO - Toyota Venza

“We are so happy with our 2015 Nissan Leaf! Mariah was helpful from first contact via email to our showing up to test drive. Well, we fell in love immediately, of course, with our beautiful new (to us, 2015) car. I also have to say I gravitate toward doing business with companies such as Green Eyed Motors, where the goal is good customer service and happy clients. They know that customer satisfaction leads to business growth, and it shows.”

Ellyn H
Longmont, CO - Nissan LEAF

“I bought a 2014 Fiat 500e from them a few months back. The experience was pleasant, customer service was excellent, they didn't waste time, they worked hard for me, and there was no unexpected tricky B.S.. I'm glad there are still decent dealerships around, most try to sneak in charges after the handshake, and they didn't do that here. It's been a few months and the car still functions perfectly, the condition it was in, mileage, and price was incredibly fair, it was right where it should be value wise.”

Kevin & Nancy C.
Longmont, CO - Fiat 500e

“I had a great experience trading and buying a car from Mariah at Green Eyed Motors. They are truly a unique car dealer. No pressure, very accommodating, and gave me fair prices on my trade and on the Toyota Sienna SE that I bought. Definitely recommend!”

Kevin G.
Olalla, WA - Toyota Sienna

“Just wanted to say thanks. I will be coming to you when it comes time to find my S4 as a result of an experience I had yesterday. My Honda Accord was stuck in park at the post office and could not get it into gear. I thought I knew what the problem was but just wanted an opinion. Went next door to the shop and asked if they had a mech available to chat with. The lady at the front was very kind and led me to the back where the service manager was. We talked for a minute and then walked over to look at my car with me. He looked at a few things and validated what I was thinking in terms of what was wrong with it. Shook my hand, wished me well, and back he went. This is the small-town service that is missing from so many. I am in business and get time is money but sometimes a few minutes here will turn into money later. As mentioned, thanks to the staff for the help and I will be back soon to look for my S4.”

Bob J.
Longmont, CO

“We had a great experience shopping here. Smart, motivated sales folks who know their stuff. And it's situated next to the perfect cafe - you don't even have to leave the building to grab yourself a cup of chai or espresso. The cars here are all hybrids, top notch, with lots of options. Everything we drove was in excellent condition. And there was no pressure. Just a bunch of friendly, well-educated people helping us find the car we needed. A great experience!”

Paul W.
Boulder, CO

“As a first-time car buyer, I received excellent service and they spent extra time getting me exactly the car I needed. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable, and I'm super happy with the ease of my purchase. I also liked that there's a coffee shop next door in case you need to wait...I didn't have to kill much extra time at the dealership, but if I did, I could have gotten a latte and a snack in the meantime.”

Amber P.
Fort Collins, CO

“Ambez Miran and Neil McGowan were awesome at Green Eyed Motors! I had my eye on a 2014 Fiat 500e and they helped me in every way possible to take that car off the lot. Everyone there is very personable and accommodating, from the Service dept. to Sales to reception. No salesman pushy-ness or misinformation. I felt confident purchasing this vehicle from Green Eyed Motors and when I had an issue happen to me randomly after buying the car they took it upon themselves to take care of my needs and get me back on the road in no time. This is definitely a dealership that is vested in your needs and an ace to keep in your corner.”

Marsha S.
Denver, CO - Fiat 500e

“I bought a 2014 Toyota Rav4 with low mileage here last spring and was really happy with the service and the experience. I've brought the car in for regular service since and the service shop managed by Bill Cray is excellent. I needed a small repair recently and got in the first morning following a 4-day holiday weekend and was out the door in less than half an hour. I will continue to buy cars at Green Eyed Motors and have all service done in their shop.”

Mary Fairfield
Boulder, CO

“From the moment I stepped into Green Eyed Motors it was an absolute great experience. No complications or pressure form the the Green Eyed motors team. From start to finish I was very impressed with the dealership. If your looking to get into a new vehicle definitely seek Mariah Hittle sheu2019s awesome and will take care of you throughout the process. Millions times helpful , Thanks Mariah!”

Jerek DeLuna
Littleton, CO - Audi A4

“This is a small business and the relationships are ones built on trust and mutual partnership, rather than salesmanship. I had a fantastic first-time car buying experience there. At first, I shied away because the prices of the vehicles on their website were outside of my budget. But upon some recommendations from friends and colleagues, I contacted the dealership anyway and worked with Luke. He found a couple cars that fit within my budget and needs. Luke went on vacation, so Jessica took over and helped me out with test driving the car I was interested in, a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. That same day, they agreed to replace the brake pads for free, After replacing the brake pads, Jessica brought the car over to my work so I wouldn't have to get a ride to the dealership. She was super patient with me in helping me through the entire process, from car insurance to vehicle registration, even after hours. As a first time car buyer, I had a lot of questions, and she helped explain everything. All in all, it was clear through the entire process that this was about building a trusting relationship and getting what I needed and wanted out of a car, not trying to get whatever cash they could. Very satisfied!”

Sarah Tynen
Boulder, CO - Honda Civic Hybrid