About Used Car Leasing

About Used Car Leasing

Leasing a pre-owned car? 

Yes! It couldn’t be easier to lease a pre-owned car! 

Maybe you want it to be easy and affordable to update your ride every few years, or maybe you just want to capture a low monthly payment; Green Eyed Motors pre-owned leasing offers you the fun of ownership without all the responsibility! 
Take a look below at some of the benefits of pre-owned leasing with us!!

Affordable – Keep low monthly payments for a term of as little as 24 months or as long as 60 months!

Insured – A lease with Green Eyed Motors includes Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) on all lease terms at no extra cost!

Terms – You set them with our help!  Determine how much down and for what length of term on any car you choose.  No need to worry about any inconveniences at lease end: you can purchase the vehicle if you've fallen in love, trade the leased vehicle in for a new lease, or drop off and walk away hassle-free at the end of the lease; it’s all up to you!

Lease end price – Determined by the leasing company from day one, so you don’t need to worry about negotiations or changes.

Peace of mind – Green Eyed Motors offers affordable, short-term warranty and maintenance plans to cover your pre-owned lease so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs.

Qualifications – Leasing is often misunderstood as an being only option for those with the best credit.  However, leasing has become a very popular and convenient choice among first time buyers and newly re-established credit buyers. 

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Green Eyed Motors lease offer: *Available on approved credit to well qualified customers through CULA. Not all customers will qualify. Offer based on sale price and does not include any additions. 12,000 mile per year lease for 42 months. Payment quoted does not include sales tax. Monthly payment may vary depending on final price of vehicle & your qualifications. You pay $0.25 per mile over 12,000 per year. Offer expires 10/31/16. Shown with money down options of $2,000 plus first payment. Contact store for additional details.